Hi there!

My name is Robin 👋, and I am an experienced software engineer 👨‍💻, building highly available applications in a cloud native stack.

I’ve been in a lead role for several years now, teaching junior/medior developers and coordinating team workload. I have also been involved in the hiring process of various organizations, small and large. What I focus on during the hiring process is the ability to learn, and the ability to work together as a team.

I am not shy of using new technologies, I am a fast learner, and I try to always determine what the best tool for the job is. From using Kubernetes to public clouds (GCP, AWS, Azure), setting up infrastructure as Code (Terraform) or CI/CD, and also deploying and configuring identity providers (OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect; Keycloak) belong to my skill set. Furthermore, I am familiar with various transport layer protocols, ranging from HTTP (REST apps), gRPC, to GraphQL.

If I’ve never done something before, I will dive into details and documentation, to make sure I understand how technology works, in order to successfully use it.

Love a technical challenge, will persevere until the goal is reached. I do weigh benefits against effort and time spent, to make a realistic decision.

The ability to learn combined with perseverance is the foundation for a great software engineer.

Most important learning over the past years: use the right tool for the job. This is how I learned to use several new technologies and languages that were a better fit for the problem at hand.

In my private life, I enjoy spending time with my family, love swimming and love to tinker with technology! This is also how I got into home automation. Among other things, I’ve created the Quatt app for Homey, my own version of a word clock, and try to collect as much data as possible from devices in my home (I’m running a pretty sophisticated homelab 😅; I might do a blog post / talk on that some time!).